Find The Perfect Weekend Getaway

´╗┐Find The Perfect Weekend Getaway

If you are starting to feel like an overworked dog who hasn’t even had the time of day to even brush her hair, then a great weekend getaway is exactly what your mind and body is desperately in need of. A spectacular weekend getaway need not cost you a whole year’s salary. It is highly important that you do a little bit of research on great weekend getaway spots that are both hassle-free and not so expensive so that come by Monday you will be in tip top shape for the office once you have been fully refreshed and rejuvenated from your weekend getaway. Here are some prime weekend getaways spots that you might want to consider going to.

1. Arizona Hot Springs

These sizzling hot springs give off a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to those who just want to soak tired muscles in the extremely relaxing thermal waters that the incredible hot springs in this town has to offer. If you want to take full advantage of this weekend getaway. The relaxing waters will surely get you in the mood for some more weekend getaway fun. Their relaxation services include

– 20-minute bath
– Turbo shower
– Hot-pack treatments
– Swedish massage

After having that luxurious afternoon spa treatments you can then head off to the other places in this quaint city wherein you can enjoy delicious, home-style lunches as well as take a walk downtown to enjoy the great sights, from the Victorian architecture to the various antique shops and worldly museums. And if you’re a heading off to Hot Springs, Arizona in a car or if you have rented one for the trip, here’s a great trip for your sight-seeing pleasure: take a spin around the Hot Springs Mountain Drive or the West Mountain Drive wherein you will surely find the views from these two mountain summits extremely extraordinary.

2. San Antonio, Texas

For those hippie chicks or those who want to channel their inner flower child, San Antonio, Texas provides a great old-world boohoo vibe that is both extremely charming and relaxing for a great weekend getaway. From San Antonio’s world-class hotels to the blossoming art scene, even up to the world famous relics of the Alamo, this rustic town offers a lot of great things to do if ever you decide on spending your weekend getaway here. You might want to stay at the trendy and chic new Watermark Hotel and Spa which is housed in a converted saddlery after you’ve got yourself settle in, you can then venture off to the King William Historic District and just wander around San Antonio’s vintage boutiques, various art galleries and charming little cafes.

The San Antonio night scene is something to take notice of as well since by night time, the whole city turn into a bustling place for club hopping and drinks out with friends – a definite must to cap off your weekend getaway in San Antonio, Texas. A favorite neighborhood night spot here is the Azuca which offers great nuevo lationo cuisine as well as sexy salsa dancing – great for couples taking on the weekend getaway or those who just want to have fun and meet new people. A cool insider tip from the burgeoning vintage shops in San Antonio, try to find time for a trip to the Jive Vintage and Art where shopaholics can find a treasure trove of kitschy as well as cool vintage pieces.

3. Charleston, South Carolina

If you are really trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can head off down south to Charleston, South Carolina for this city’s simple and languid charm. Known for being the epitome of the Old South, this quiet Southern town has beautiful magnolia-lined boulevards that will surely charm your tired body and mind. You can feast on the many low-country cuisine that this beautiful Southern town has to offer, shrimp to grits. You really must try their home-style specialties.

The slow and lingering pace of this town will surely be a welcome break from your monotonous and highly jarring city life. The stunning antebellum mansions as well as the blossoming gardens down by the waterfront will surely calm your senses. And for the shopper in you, you can then peruse to the outdoor bazaar located on Market Street and you can also make your way toward the vintage stores located on King Street. A great tip for those who are off for a weekend getaway at Charleston, South Carolina you can also try out the jazz clubs at the East Bay Street.

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