The USAA Savings Bank Service

The USAA Savings Bank Service

The USAA Savings Bank is not your ordinary bank. It is a bank for extraordinary men – the nation’s soldiers, and their families.

The USSA Savings Bank started from a small fraternity of army officers who met in San Antonio, Texas in the year 1922. These 25 men formed their small organization with the noble objective to insure each other’s vehicles, and now, with their founding values of service, loyalty, honesty and integrity, the USAA remains true to this vision of aiding more than 5 million members in all their financial needs.

The privileged holders of USAA Savings Bank accounts deserve such prime benefits for being in uniform. Their families also share not only the pride but also the values of a USAA membership as well. Active duty officers, enlisted military personnel, National Guard, (selected) Reserve officers and those enlisted, commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS / OTS) officer candidates, and adult children and former spouses of USAA members – they’re all among the 5 million USAA Savings Bank beneficiaries.

Military members and their families earn competitive (and discounted) banking rates, investments, auto insurance, home and personal loans, receive world-class service, get free financial counseling and planning, and obtain property and casualty life insurance, plus adequate assistance during major life events. Best of all, membership of eligible officers can be handed down to their children.

Early on, military men’s kids are immersed with the values of USAA Youth Banking. With as little as $1, they can open a USAA First Start Savings® account to earn one of the highest savings rates in the nation while also enjoying a no minimum balance and no monthly service fees account, no-fee checking account option, free worldwide (10 per month) ATM withdrawals and online or phone fund transfers, and free USAA Pre-Paid CardSM benefits. USAA savings accounts in general also earn interest rates much comparable to money market funds with only an initial deposit of $10,000 into the USAA Performance First Index Account, save up to $500+ yearly with its no-fee checking, receive credit card deployment rebates, free debit card (with cash or merchandise rewards and gift certificates), and even get to pay bills through the USAA Web Bill-Pay®.

These are just some of the USAA Savings Bank services to give a real sense of comfort giving more than its share of financial insurance and stability. Now it doesn’t always need to be the 11th of November to spend Veteran’s Day, the USAA Savings Bank all throughout the world “knows what it means to serve”.

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