First Federal Savings Bank First-Class Treatment

First Federal Savings Bank First-Class Treatment

A bank that has been serving for over a century – if that isn’t enough to convince that First Federal Savings Bank is “big on service.” One hundred sixteen years to be more exact, the First Federal Savings Bank based in Ottawa, Illinois has been serving everything from lending to online checking in all of its 13 locations established since 1889 – that long. So what is it that makes First Fed Savings among the firsts to reach a hundred trusted years in banking service? – Being a mutual savings bank.

Being a mutual savings bank, to keep the story short, First Federal Savings Bank is first to earn the trust of all its valued customers. With its century sound mission of dedication to providing unprecedented customer service resulting in long-term satisfaction for customers and employees, First Federal Savings Bank is nothing but the closest prototype to the ideal bank that gives prime priority to all of its members. The owners of the bank are the First Federal depositors themselves. No stockholders, managed by elected Board of Directors and Officers, and FDIC regulated and insured – that’s First Federal Savings Bank.

Ottawa, LaSalle/Peru locations, Walnut, Amboy and Mendota, Streator, Morris, Shorewood, Elgin, Rock Falls, Sterling locations – no matter which branch you go to, you’re certain to get the full benefits of an age-old mutual banking leader. And mind you, their products and services are never out of date. Fresh features and new means combine with conventional banking. Long-established mortgage processes or innovated Fun-Timers® banking and travel program, First Federal Savings Bank both maintains its customer satisfaction tradition through trust-earning and quality and in-demand services familiar to families for years, and never could it be found at the end of the line in perceiving and providing the changing needs of its clients. Rich experience and risk factor, the years-long accomplishments of First Federal Savings’ lending, saving, insurance, and online products and services all revolve around the mutual bank success principle of building relationships.

Where else would you find a bank sponsoring a truly Fun-Timers® fabulous events, all-over-the-nation vacations, one-day trips, or over-night tours as: Sounds of the Big Band Celebration, Lady’s Luncheon And Style Show, Fireside Christmas, New York Thanksgiving, Walnut Room at Macy’s, San Antonio Christmas, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New Year’s in Nashville, Winter Break in Laughlin, Florida in February, Hawaii-4-Islands, Mobile to Mexico Cruise, Tucson-Treasures/ Value Tour, and more to get first-class family treatment with first Federal Savings.

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