Your Corporation Can Help Fight World Hunger

´╗┐Your Corporation Can Help Fight World Hunger

Today, corporate philanthropy and employee giving are among the most rewarding and valued employee benefit programs companies can offer. It is a way to share success, to invest in the future and to give back to society.

Heifer International, a world hunger organization, is catching the attention of many businesses looking for an alternative gift for clients during the holiday season.

For 60 years, Heifer, recently noted as a leader in world hunger solutions by Forbes and Worth business magazines, has provided gifts of livestock and agricultural training to malnourished families, enabling them to become self-reliant. In return, these families in 50 countries promise to pass on the gift of offspring of their animals and training to other families in their communities.

The Wood Agency in San Antonio, Texas, is an advertising business that chose Heifer International as a source for alternative client gifts.

Skip Wood, president of the Wood Agency, decided to skip the gourmet baskets and instead honored his clients and business friends by making a donation in their name to Heifer. The honor card they received explained how the goats, heifers, flocks of geese and hives of honey bees would help impoverished families have better, healthier lives.

“I did this at the urging of my wife, Sandy, who loves getting Heifer’s mailing of ‘The Most Important Gift Catalog in the World’ because the gift of a farm animal is a sustainable solution that really changes lives,” Wood said. “I agreed to do it because it was easy. Then we started getting phone calls, cards and e-mails from those who received an honor card explaining our donation, and they were very appreciative, excited and really impressed with the idea behind Heifer’s gifts.”

Heifer now offers the “Most Important Business Gift Catalog in the World” for those planning for corporate gift giving.

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